DIY Shed Plans

Have you wasted time and hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars trying to make sheds only to be disappointed? Or have wanted to get it right the first time by going the DIY way only to be shocked at the sticker price of those off the shelf shed kits. Well the good news is that you need not go on trying and getting no where. Most people are given to think that you need to be some sort of an expert to make any kind of woodworking project a reality. This is untrue, all you actually need is good guidance and some time if you are new to woodworking. DIY Shed Plans can help you accomplish this with ease.

There are a few things that you will need to be careful of before you get started so that your DIY Shed making experience goes off without a hitch. Firstly, it is best that you figure out your own requirements. Here are the main considerations that you must be taking into account before you can get your DIY Shed Plans.

a. The Size and Shape of your Lot: This will pretty much determine what kind of a shed you will be making. Your shed should make an optimal utilization of space by providing you with the right amount of storage space without cramming your garden or backyard.

b. The Type of Shed you want to Make: Sheds are basically available in 4 types which are Gable Shed, Gambrel Shed, Lean Shed and Salt Box Shed; you should choose the one which best suits your style. Gable Sheds have a single angled roof and are suited for large sized backyards and any type of climate. Gambrel Sheds are designed for better utilization of space as they have a two angled roof which can be used for more storage; Lean sheds have a single slanting roof and are best fits for a small backyard or garden. Salt Box Sheds have two unequally sized roofs and are again best suited for small storage areas.

c. Financial Considerations: Making a shed is no cheap business. However that does not mean that you cannot exercise some creative ways to cut out some of the expenses. In fact one of the ways you can save up big time is by building a shed all by yourself. While this may take a bit more time, it will guarantee that you have better control over the finances.

Been thinking about building your own shed? If you have basic carpentry skills, tools, some time to work, and a bit of ambition, a new shed can not only provide with useful new storage space, but add a bit of extra value to your property as well. The good news is that there are plenty of DIY shed kits that make the job a lot easier. And if you’re a bit more confident in your building skills, a good set of shed plans can save you even more money on your project. So which is right for you?

Shed Kits

Shed kits vary in price, depending on what comes with them. Most kits will provide you with all the hardware you need, as well as a detailed list of the exact cuts of wood that you will need. This will help you save both money and time lost through fruitless trial and error. Some kits actually do come with everything included, including the lumber. These might be a bit more pricey, but they will make the job even easier.

Shed Plans

A shed kit provides you the components and plans you need to make building a shed yourself as easy as possible. DIY shed plans, on the other hand, give you the all the same detailed plans and material lists, but without the accompanying materials. However, whereas you can expect to shell out a few hundred dollars for a good shed kit, a good set of DIY shed plans can be had for well under 100 dollars.

With your confident carpentry skills, a bit of ambition, and a great set of DIY shed plans, you should have no problem building a nice new inexpensive shed that will provide your home with extra storage and functionality for years to come while giving your property value a nice extra boost as well!

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